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Abandoned Hoarding House in St. Catharines

This was one of the most challenging jobs we’ve ever done! This 3 bedroom house in the St. Catharines area had been abandoned and obviously neglected for some time. It was purchased by a local realtor who intended to bring it back to its original glory as it was actually in a very desirable neighbourhood. The problem was no contractor would set foot in the house until it was completely emptied and stripped down.

Over the course of 7 days, we removed THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED pounds of garbage, in addition to the toilet, sink, and cast-iron bathtub (450 lbs) from the upstairs bathroom, as well as the cabinetry in the kitchen. We also (although we didn’t get photos) removed the wood panelling and wall paper as well as all carpet and tile.

Given time, no job is too big!!